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Hungarian Organisations to Petition EP
for Slovakia's Compensation

Brussels, April 19 (TASR-SLOVAKIA)- A group of Hungarian organisations are set to submit a petition next Tuesday to the members of the European Parliament condemning a resolution passed last year by Slovakia's parliament that upheld the inviolability of the WW2 Benes Decrees.

A total of 147 organisations and associations have so far signed the petition posted on the website www.vilagmagyarsag.com saying that the Slovak Parliament's decision is incompatible with the concept of an united Europe in the 21st century and contravenes human rights.

"With respect to the persecution of the citizens of Hungarian and German nationality in the former Czechoslovakia in 1945-1948 and the related, still applicable legislation," organisers are urging the European legislature to put on its schedule the issue of Benes Decrees and other laws and decisions adopted by the Slovak Parliament and Slovak or Czechoslovak bodies grossly discriminating against Hungarian and German ethnic minorities.

The petition demands that the EP review the decisions of the Slovak authorities for their compliance with European laws and call on Slovakia to abolish the relevant legislation including a law preventing compensation for illegal acts committed before February 25, 1948.

The document also calls for an apology to Hungarians living in Slovakia for the inequity resulting from the current or invalid laws and for the offences committed in relation to Slovakia or Czechoslovakia. Apart from apology, Slovakia is expected to pay a fair compensation to Hungarians and Germans living in Slovakia for the confiscation of property and mental suffering.

"In the event of an inadequate Slovak response or were it to be in conflict with collective human rights, we demand that the European Parliament initiate with the EU Council commencement of proceedings for the violation of Maastricht Treaty and finally the suspension of Slovakia's membership rights in the European Union," reads the petition.

.Tasr. Tlačová agentúra Slovenskej republiky www.tasr.sk, 1 May 2008,

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