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Germany's strengthened expellees' associations

Erika Steinbach, president of Germany’s Federation of Expellees (BdV), has said she will not take a seat on the foundation board of the Centre against Expulsions, a museum dedicated to the victims of flight, displacements, forced resettlements and deportations.

But in the eyes of Polish news magazine Polska, Poland, which opposes Steinbach, has not won a victory because the BdV has emerged stronger from the situation: “Polish politicians and journalists have made the mistake of letting it be understood that the dispute was above all about Steinbach.

… But what was much more important was that expellee associations in Germany are fighting for a stronger position and how they are influencing the Germans’ historical consciousness. The fact that the previous German government allowed a museum documenting the expulsions to be founded in Berlin with public funding was already a major victory for Steinbach. Today the decision has been made that the exhibition will be even larger than originally planned. And the expellees’ associations have strengthened their position within the bodies of this institution.”

Posted By The 300 News Daily On February 12, 2010 @ 5:55 pm

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