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History / Geschichte

World War II - Lost and forgotten: German 'wolf children' in Lithuania
The Second World War ended in May 1945 - but not for the German "Wolfskinder," or "wolf children." On their own, they made their way from East Prussia to Lithuania, a decision they'll never forget.  -
When Alfreda Pipiraite turned 18, she believed she'd made it. "But no, they said to me, 'You German pig! You Hitlerist! Fascist!' And so on," she told DW. "It was particularly painful whenever a member of my family called me that." - Read Article ...

History of Prussia: Kings and Leaders
Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJW5JATYa78;

The European Atrocity You Never Heard About
The screams that rang throughout the darkened cattle car crammed with deportees, as it jolted across the icy Polish countryside five nights before Christmas, were Dr. Loch's only means of locating his patient. The doctor, formerly chief medical officer of a large urban hospital, now found himself clambering over piles of baggage, fellow passengers, and buckets used as toilets, only to find his path blocked by an old woman who ignored his request to move aside. On closer examination, he discovered that she had frozen to death.  -  Read Article ... - Video ...

The Forgotten Genocide - The Story of the Ethnic Germans
Memories of a painful secret held for over fifty years are now finally being brought to light. THE FORGOTTEN GENOCIDE: The Expulsion after WWII, is an in-depth, feature length documentary that examines the sufferings put upon Ethnic Germans living behind the Iron Curtain. Through interviews with survivors, the memory of this sad period in human history is preserved, and hopefully provides peace to the almost 15 million souls lost.
  Video-documentary - 2 Trailer - Read Article ...

The Assault on East Prussia (complete documentary)
  Video-documentary - time: 49.30 minutes

Dresden on Fire and resurrection of the Frauenkirche
PowerPoint-Presentation - time: 18.00 minutes

Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia, 1600-1947
In the aftermath of World War II, Prussia--a centuries-old state pivotal to Europe's development--ceased to exist. In their eagerness to erase all traces of the Third Reich from the earth, the Allies believed that Prussia, the very embodiment of German militarism, had to be abolished. -  Read Article ... 
Video-documentary - time: 59.10 minutes

Anglo-American Responsibility for the Expulsion of the Germans, 1944-48
PDF-File 163 KB

How three million Germans died after VE Day
Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich:
From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh

Giles MacDonogh is a bon viveur and a historian of wine and gastronomy, but in this book, pursuing his other consuming interest - German history - he serves a dish to turn the strongest of stomachs. It makes particularly uncomfortable reading for those who compare the disastrous occupation of Iraq unfavourably to the post-war settlement of Germany and Austria. -  Read Article ...

Polish-speaking Germans and the Ethnic Cleansing of Germany East of Oder-Neisse
PDF-File 3.758 KB

'They raped every German female from eight to 80'
Antony Beevor, author of the acclaimed new book about the fall of Berlin, on a massive war crime committed by the victorious Red Army.

"Red Army soldiers don't believe in 'individual liaisons' with German women," wrote the playwright Zakhar Agranenko in his diary when serving as an officer of marine infantry in East Prussia. "Nine, ten, twelve men at a time - they rape them on a collective basis."
 -  Read Article ...

Raped by Red Army soldiers, they talk for the first time
The women were in their 20s when they were raped by Red Army soldiers invading Germany at the end of World War II. Sixty years later, close to two million women are talking about their ordeal for the very first time. Read Article ...

Charter of the German Expellees
Conscious of their responsibility before God and men, conscious of their affiliation to the Western Christian community, conscious of their German origin, and realizing the common task of all nations of Europe, the elected representatives of millions of expellees, after careful deliberation and after having searched their conscience, have resolved to make public a so-lemn declaration to the German people and to the entire world, defining both the duties and the rights which the German expellees consider their basic law and an indispensable pre-condition for the establishment of a free and united Europe. -  Read Article ...

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