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ODF News in English 2017

Digital Journal - World -  29 Jan 2017


Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a ceremony marking Navy Day in Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad ...Lithuanian lawmaker wants Kaliningrad returned to EU
Linas Balsys, a Lithuanian lawmaker suggests that the European Union should be seriously considering how it can take back the small region of Kaliningrad that is now part of Russia and "return" it to Europe. -
his views known at a conference: "The World in 2017: The view from Vilnius". Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. He said that Russia had lost its legal right to the Kaliningrad Region after it annexed Crimea. He said now the status of the Kaliningrad Region (oblast) that was formerly known as East Prussia needed to be discussed at the international level. - Read article ... 

ODF News in English 2013

Prague Daily Monitor - 23 May 2013


EP criticises Czech opt-out from Lisbon Treaty
Strasbourg, May 22 (CTK) - Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus's effort to push through an opt-out from the Lisbon Treaty was unfortunate and this is why the European Parliament's negative stance on it is logical, Czech MEP Zuzana Brzobohata (Social Democrats, CSSD) said yesterday. -
Brzobohata, who represented the European Social Democrats in a debate in the EP's constitutional committee, has opposed the opt-out since the beginning. -
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The Local Europe, Germany - Society - 24 Jan 2013


Russian day care on graveyard sparks outrage
The decision to build a new kindergarten atop an old German cemetery in what was once East Prussia has sparked outrage, forcing Russian authorities to exhume and rebury 150 bodies before work can continue. -
Barely an hour after digging into the ground in Baltijsk, a small coastal town near Kaliningrad, workers were faced with bones of German residents past, buried when the town was called Pillau. -
Historians caught wind of the discovery and the town administration found itself in the firing line of local outrage. “The graveyard is clearly marked on up-to-date maps,” Valery Limonov, a history researcher.
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the Telegraph - Europe News - 22 Jan 2013

Czech election candidate questions post-war expulsion of Germans
A candidate in the Czech presidential elections has found himself the target of fierce criticism after he stirred up a historical storm by questioning the morality of the post-war expulsion of millions of Germans. -
Touching on one of the most sensitive subjects in Czech history Karel Schwarzenberg challenged the legitimacy of the Benes Decrees. Named after Edvard Benes, the first post-war president of Czechoslovakia, the decrees led to the forced deportation of some three million of ethnic Germans and Austrians from Czech lands ... -
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